Floodplain Management Credentials

Why should you choose Floodzone Revisions, LLC?

  • Floodplain Management Experience

    We have the experience essential to performing your Floodplain Management project efficiently and properly (most Certified Floodplain Managers and other industry professionals have had no experience with such work).  We currently have a 100% success rate with regards to LOMR applications – we have never had a single LOMR application denied by FEMA.

    Please click to view our list of 65 completed Map Revision/Amendment projects.

  • Focused Business Model

    All we do is Floodplain Management and related work – and nothing else.  No other company in Florida exclusively provides Floodplain Management services to its clients.  Not only does our President meet with clients, but he actually performs the work!  Please beware of other companies with smarmy “sales people” or entrepreneurs who know nothing of how to perform any floodplain management project (shouldn’t the person you meet with be the person who performs the work?).

  • Personalized Service

    We are large enough to perform any Floodplain Management job exceptionally, but small enough to provide every client with personalized service.  Our President is actively involved in every job from start to finish and can always be reached without hassle.  Larger companies often hinder projects by rotating various employees on and off the job.

  • Top-Rated Local Company

        Floodzone Revisions, LLC Receives 2019 Best of Boynton Beach Award:

        Boynton Beach Award Program Honors the Achievement.

        BOYNTON BEACH December 12, 2019 — Floodzone Revisions, LLC has been selected for the 2019 Best of Boynton Beach Award in the                Engineering Consultant category by the Boynton Beach Award Program.

        Email: PublicRelations@2019organization-choiceinfo.net

  • Competitive Rates

    Being a small company, our operating costs are lower than those of larger companies.  Thus, our fees are often lower than fees charged by larger companies.  And we will NEVER have you sign a contract with us unless we are confident we can get the job approved, which includes us performing an initial cursory analysis that is free of charge.

    Please beware of other companies charging very low or very high “back-ended” fees, or companies that charge a one-time fee equal to “a percentage of your savings”.  Reputable and honest engineering/consulting companies do NOT charge fees based on these billing structures.  These are often “red-flags” that indicate the company is not in good financial standing and that the job may never be completed to the client’s satisfaction.

  • Existing Client Referral Bonus Program

    When you are an existing client of ours (under contract), we will pay you to refer others to us!  We believe that “word-of-mouth” is the single most important marketing tool, and when you refer another client to us, we will deduct 3% off the total cost of your project.  Just make sure your referral mentions your name when they first contact us.  Then when they sign a contract with us, you get the 3% discount…it’s that simple!

  • Partnership Opportunities

    If your engineering/surveying firm comes across a Floodplain Management project that you cannot or do not want to perform, please contact us so that we can assist you with the job.  We often collaborate with engineering/surveying firms on Floodplain Management projects.  We also work with Realtors, Flood Insurance Agents, Home/Condominium Builders, and Land Developers.

About Floodzone Revisions, LLC:

Mr. Kenneth E. Morris is Founder and President of Floodzone Revisions, LLC – a Limited Liability Corporation of the State of Florida established in 2009.  Since 1999, Mr. Morris has been actively involved in the field of Floodplain Management.  Prior to and since forming Floodzone Revisions, LLC, Mr. Morris has performed dozens of successful LOMRs/CLOMRs/LOMAs for clients around the US – including the US Virgin Islands.  In addition to FEMA and local Floodplain Administrators, Mr. Morris has successfully dealt with various State permitting agencies, including the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP), and the South Florida Water Management District (SFWMD).

Mr. Morris holds a Bachelor of Sciences Degree (State University of New York, College @ Oswego, NY, 1989) in Tropical Meteorology and a Master of Sciences Degree (Florida International University, 1998) in Environmental Engineering.  In addition to Floodplain Management, Mr. Morris has experience in the fields of Coastal Planning and Design, Storm-water Management, Hydrology, and Environmental Permitting.


Floodzone Revisions, LLC independently contracts with only highly-qualified licensed Professional Engineers or Land Surveyors on each and every project performed, in accordance with Chapter 471, Florida Statutes, other applicable laws, and as required by the specific regulatory agency overseeing and approving the project.  This ensures that all of our clients receive the very best service possible and that our work is always performed to meet or exceed industry standards.