Floodzone Revisions, LLC provides the following technical services:

  • FEMA Letter of Map Revisions (LOMRs/CLOMRs):

    Revisions to effective FEMA Flood Insurance Rate Maps that change high-risk floodzones to lower-risk floodzones; can also reduce Base Flood or Wave Crest elevations.  LOMRs can be performed for properties located within “V” or “A” floodzones, or to reduce or eliminate Floodways.  We can even determine new BFEs for existing “A” floodzones with no corresponding BFEs (un-numbered “A” floodzones).

  • FEMA Letter of Map Amendments (LOMAs/LOMA-Fs):

    Amendments to effective FEMA Flood Insurance Rate Maps that remove structures from “A” floodzones and place them into “X” floodzones (“V” floodzone properties are not feasible for LOMAs/LOMA-Fs).

  • Appeals to Preliminary Flood Insurance Rate Maps:

    Appeals are “LOMRs” performed on behalf of municipalities or individual property owners who seek to challenge erroneous floodzones and/or BFEs that are being proposed in Preliminary FIRMs.

  • V-Zone Risk Factor Rating Forms:

    When LOMRs are not feasible for properties located within “V” floodzones, this form can be submitted to FEMA to reduce “V” floodzone flood insurance rates by about 10-40%.

  • LOMR/CLOMR Feasibility Analyses:

    More detailed evaluations to determine if LOMRs/CLOMRs are feasible for properties in Special Flood Hazard Areas; often done when it is not initially certain that a LOMR/CLOMR can be performed.

  • General Coastal/Hydrologic Modeling:

    Providing general coastal and hydrologic modeling services by using software such as FEMA’s CHAMP, SFWMD’s CASCADE, and the U.S. Army Corp’s ACES and HEC-RAS.

  • FEMA Floodproofing Certification of Non-Residential Coastal Structures:

    Analyses and calculations to determine a proposed or existing structure’s ability to withstand 100-Year Storm (FEMA Standards) water and debris-impact forces in “A” floodzones.

  • Miscellaneous Permitting:

    We can procure floodplain-related environmental permits, including Coastal Construction Control Line (CCCL), Environmental Resource (ERP), Maintenance Dredging, and Consumptive Water Use.


Floodzone Revisions, LLC independently contracts with only highly-qualified licensed Professional Engineers or Land Surveyors on each and every project performed, in accordance with Chapter 471, Florida Statutes, other applicable laws, and as required by the specific regulatory agency overseeing and approving the project.  This ensures that all of our clients receive the very best service possible and that our work is always performed to meet or exceed industry standards.